Technological Research Accelerator for Biomedical Ultrasound

  • Inaugurated in October 2016
  • 8 full-time biomedical engineers
  • More than 20 prototypes disseminated in partnering research units


  • Neurofunctional ultrasound imaging
  • 4D ultrafast ultrasound imaging
  • Studying the role of mechanotransduction in cancer
  • Innovation in liver imaging
  • Smart cardiac sensor
  • Ultrasound super-resolution imaging
  • Combined PET-ultrasound 3D scanner

It takes a long journey from a laboratory invention to an operational device for preclinical and clinical research, and the key for a successful transfer of technology lies in a strong collaboration between the inventors and the end-users. To reinforce the competitiveness of French innovation, Inserm (the French national institute of health and medical research) has decided to create Technology Research Accelerators (ART) in strategic biomedical research fields.

Our institute has been selected by Inserm (the French national institute of health and medical research) to host the very first ART dedicated to the development of biomedical ultrasound technologies. Inaugurated in 2016, the ART for Biomedical Ultrasound is intended for accelerating the development of operational ultrasound research prototypes through close interactions and regular feedbacks between our laboratory and early users, selected amongst other Inserm research units in biology or medicine.

For that purpose, the Inserm has provided a unique support by complementing our team with eight permanent engineer positions for:

  • speeding up the transformation of our technologies into user-friendly prototypes in compliance with medical regulations;
  • efficiently disseminating these tools in partnering hospitals and preclinical and clinical research centers;
  • training the partners to our methods;
  • collecting user feedback and optimizing the methods to meet the needs of biomedical research.