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14 hours ago
Long-awaited @JoVEJournal video protocol for #fUS imaging is out – a great resource for the labs using @iconeus system with #MobileHomeCage for #neuroimaging of #awake mouse brain!
1 day ago
Join Professor @TanterM, from @PhysMedParis, in the live streamed lecture to explore how the field has seen a true scientific revolution, enabling the advent of new imaging modes for both screening and diagnostics. PhysMedParis photo
4 days ago
New #preprint available on @researchsquare: Global dissociation of the amygdala from the rest of the brain during REM sleep by Marta Matei @bergel_a @PezetSophie @TanterM @PhysMedParis @Iconeus
6 days ago
Ultrasound measurements of muscle dynamics during walking enable individualized control of a robotic ankle exosuit
6 days ago
The review paper « Functional Ultrasound Imaging: A New Imaging Modality for Neuroscience » by @DeffieuxThomas @CharlieDemene and @TanterM most downloaded article of @NeurosciIBRO Neuroscience journal in the last three months!
2 weeks ago
4/ We used a recently developed wide-field imaging technique, functional #ultrasound imaging, to record cortical responses in ferrets to the same sounds previously tested in humans with fMRI. @PhysMedParis PhysMedParis photo