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2 days ago
#VendrediLecture à lire dans #CNRSlejournal l'utilisation des ultrasons comme outil de thérapie ! Avec notamment JF Aubry, du laboratoire @PhysMedParis qui a mis au point une lentille accoustique pour focaliser les ultrasons à travers la boîte crânienne !
photo © JF Aubry / CNRS
PhysMedParis photo
3 days ago
#fds2019 comment voir l’invisible ? Les #ultrasons pour soigner le corps par Olivier Pedreira @Inserm @FeteScience au Forum des Halles @PhysMedParis PhysMedParis photo
6 days ago
Meet @iconeus at #SFN2019 in Chicago and discover the interest of fUS imaging for neuroscience! @iconeus is leveraging the technology invented & developed for more than 10 years by @PhysMedParis researchers !
For info visit and
6 days ago
Meet our team at #SFN2019 in Chicago, booth 413 between October 19-23. We would be happy to meet with you to talk about the best ways to accelerate your neuroscience research #neuroscience #ultrasound #neuroimaging

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PhysMedParis photo
1 week ago
What a great short course on ultrafast ultrasound by @TanterM at #ieee #ius2019!
I am presenting our recent work the first mammalian acoustic reporter genes. Come here about it on Tuesday 8 am, room M1.
1 week ago
Great start with @TanterM into @IEEE_UFFC_Soc #ius19 taking us deep into physics and applications of #ultrafast #ultrasound imaging. Giving us insights in his scientific path by motivating researchers to take certain risks in order to create impacts in the future #motivation PhysMedParis photo